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Everyone needs a one, right? Web design is at the heart of what I love about design. A website should be visually impactful, responsive,
and tell a compelling story to the audience. I collaborate with small businesses and organizations to create websites that stay on message in regards to branding and content. 



Whether you need a hand in development of graphics for your website or social media, electronic publishing of an online course, layout of a brochure or newsletter- I can lend a hand. Advanced Multimedia Development combines IT skills with design. Effective design principles are used for digital design, 3D design, image editing, web design, desktop publishing, electronic publishing and multimedia development.


Developing great user experiences, consistent branding and social media is key to digital storytelling. I am not a digital marketing guru, but I can help you create content to support your marketing efforts.

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Mission Statement

To create inspired web and multimedia solutions for inspired clients. 

As a solopreneur design and development business, I want to work with a diverse set of clients. While working on my education in Information Technology and Advanced Multimedia Development, my vision is to continue to build up my boutique creative business. And to work in flip flops as much as possible.


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