Designing Mel: Finding My Groove

Start Where You Are

It’s been 14 days since my first blog post.

I created my first post on New Year’s with the “Just Start” attitude of my creative goal setting. Well folks, I started. I want to continue my journey and be inspired to create amazing content for my own site- but I’ve been procrastinating. Writing my second blog post is even harder than the first.

I need to find my groove.

I am calling my blog (unless I change it),  Designing Mel. My thinking here is two fold. First, I need to start thinking of myself as a designer. So I will say it loud and proud for all the universe to hear.  At least I think my Mom will be reading, so I know someone will hear me. Second, through this creative outlet of blogging, I can document my experiences while designing the Mel I would like to be.

Learning about the business of blogging can be overwhelming, and you can find just about any topic out there. There are at least 10 bazillion ways on why and how to start a blog. Blogs are a space where you can share your passions, be engaging, helpful, and establish credibility as an authority on whatever it is that you do.

I haven’t done any marketing for my site yet and I am still playing around with it. If I write for myself first, hopefully my passions will shine through. I am sure a year from now, I will look back on these first posts and smile thinking about how far I’ve come.

But for now, I’ll write from right where I am. Or when my four year old is sleeping. Or when I can’t sleep because I caught the latest winter crud virus that is going around.


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Join a Community

As part of a community, I am inspired to engage, connect and learn from other freelancers of all levels of experience. As a new designer, I am learning that I don’t need to know everything- there are people out there to answer my questions, give and receive feedback.

Since I work solo, this collaborative spirit is good for me.

One of my favorite groups, Unstoppable Basecamp with Erin E Flynn,  has been amazing for learning about the business of design. It has also helped me with confidence to move forward with my dream of running my own design business. I love her content and the challenges have been helpful in me finding my groove in this business.

The cold medicine just kicked in so I’ll wrap it up.


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